About 2Morrow®

2Morrow Inc. exists at the intersection of mobile technology and behavior change.


2Morrow's mission is to help millions improve their lives with the use of evidence-based, behavioral change programs.

We do this by creating and distributing leading-edge programs based on the work of respected researchers and thought leaders. 2Morrow delivers these programs directly into the hands of people, whenever and wherever they need them via their smartphone.



Our programs can supplement the efforts of coaches, counselors or other health care professionals - providing support between visits or to be used alone by people who might not otherwise have access to quality programs. 2Morrow also provides a proprietary back-end system that offers corporate, organizational or coaching accounts distribution management, as well as access to data that can be used to improve the program, monitor engagement levels, and further research.


When it comes to app delivered programs, everyone wants to know... does it work? 2Morrow is committed to ongoing evaluation and has partnered with researchers, faculty, and students at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, New Mexico State University School of Nursing, and the University of Waikato who have all done, or are doing, research into using 2Morrow apps to support behavior change. Three more studies are currently underway or planned.


  • MedCity News - Top 15 Patient Engagement Startups, 2016

  • Cascadia Venture Forum - Best Company, 2nd Place, 2016

  • Employee Health & Benefits Congress - Paramount Achievement for Smoking Cessation Programs

  • Seattle Health Innovator of the Year Award, Brandon Masterson, CEO

  • US Surgeon General's Healthy App Challenge

  • WIRED Insiders Healthy App at the WIRED Health Conference.

The 2Morrow Team is made up of passionate people with deep experience in technology, healthcare, business, and behavior change.