2Morrow's Stress (and Anxiety) Program

Learn new ways to deal with unhelpful thoughts and feelings.

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2Morrow Health - Stress & Anxiety Management

Short overview video of 2Morrow's stress & anxiety management program.

In general, our lives have become busy and stressful. Almost 80% say that stress or anxiety interferes with their productivity and/or enjoyment of life. This program helps people deal with the unhelpful thoughts, feelings, and emotions that get in the way of success and wellbeing.

People are often told that they should reduce their stress levels to benefit their health. But many times this advice asks them to avoid or remove things from their lives—which is not always possible. What if, instead of avoiding or removing these stressors, people learned to respond to them differently?

This program teaches core components of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or ACT. ACT offers a proven approach to help people deal with stress and anxiety so they can move forward toward their desired goals.

How does it work?

Participants start by creating a profile that is used to customize the program. They then began a guided journey that helps explore their values and goals and how these relate to their stress and anxiety. They learn how to use awareness and mindfulness to identify opportunities to take "committed action" that moves them toward the life they desire.

  • Define Values and Goals: Throughout the program, participants will be asked to consider their core values and goals.

  • Learn: The program includes over 30 bite-sized lessons and exercises including bonus content.

  • Practice: Practice the core concepts and track their progress in the app.

  • Take Action: Define actions participants are willing to take in pursuit of their goals, and then practice doing those in real life.

  • See Progress: View progress as they move through the program and earn a Certificate of Completion.

  • Get Help: If they have questions or need help they can message a real coach.

The ACT-based program is based on over 7 years and $13 million in NIH funded research into helping people change behaviors. Behavioral scientists at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have been focused on finding better ways to address health behaviors. ACT has been used successfully by therapists, coaches and counselors for years to help people manage stress and anxiety. Your participants can now learn these skills from the privacy of their smartphone. With this program, we've removed the judgment to empower the participant to manage their stress and anxiety.

This program is part of the 2Morrow Health Platform and can be offered alone or with our suite of programs.

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