June 29, 2016

Press Release

2Morrow Partners with Louisiana Department of Health to Help Expecting Parents Quit Smoking using SmartQuit® App


Kirkland, WASHINGTON – June 29, 2016 – 2Morrow, Inc., makers of SmartQuit, announced their partnership with the Louisiana Department of Health through its Well-Ahead program to offer the SmartQuit smoking cessation app to pregnant women in Louisiana (and members of their households) who want to quit smoking.

Smoking rates in Louisiana are higher than the national average with about a quarter of all adult residents still smoking.(1)  Smoking and being exposed to secondhand smoke while pregnant can lead to numerous health problems, both for the mother and child.(2)  Because of this, many smokers are especially motivated to quit when they are planning a family or pregnant. Pregnant smokers have additional challenges when it comes to quitting including extra stress and limited access to quit medications. Most cessation medications have not been adequately tested for use by women who are pregnant or breast feeding and therefore are not typically recommended.(3) 

SmartQuit is an app-based program first developed by researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and has been tested in two clinical trials.(4) The program uses a unique Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) approach to help participants learn new ways to deal with cravings. In clinical trials, smokers who used SmartQuit quit at rates 2-3 times higher than people attempting to quit on their own. Those that complete the program quit at even higher rates.(4)

“While the Well-Ahead program helps all Louisiana residents lead healthier lives, we recognize that pregnant women and their babies are especially vulnerable to the effects of smoking,” said Louisiana Department of Health Secretary Rebekah E. Gee. “We are excited about the SmartQuit app because it gives us another tool to help pregnant women quit smoking and give both themselves and their babies the best possible chance at life-long health and wellbeing.”

Through Well-Ahead, the Louisiana Department of Health provides free resources and information on how Louisiana’s residents and communities can become tobacco-free.  Residents of Louisiana who want to quit and would like to use the app can sign up at https://smartquit.net/WELLAHEAD where they will fill out an anonymous survey and then receive login info to get the full version of the SmartQuit app for free ($50 value).

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SmartQuit Signup form:  https://smartquit.net/WELLAHEAD

SmartQuit Info - 2Morrow, Inc. http://www.2Morrowinc.com/smoking-cessation


About 2Morrow, Inc.

2Morrow® Inc. is a digital health company dedicated to improving millions of lives with the use of evidence-based, behavior change programs delivered using mobile technology (mhealth). We distribute our programs mostly through employers, states, wellness programs and health plans. SmartQuit® is the first clinically tested smoking cessation program shown to help smokers quit.  It is powered by 2Morrow’s behavior change engine and delivered via a mobile app.


About Well-Ahead Louisiana

The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospital’s Office of Public Health's, Health Promotion Team is mobilizing communities across the state, developing community resource linkages, and increasing the access to healthier environments through the Well-Ahead Louisiana brand.  http://www.wellaheadla.com/Living-Well-Ahead/Geaux-Tobacco-Free/How-To-Quit



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