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2Morrow Launches New Digital Therapeutic Aimed at Managing Chronic Pain with a Non-Opioid, Behavioral Approach

2Morrow teams up with UNM to take on Chronic Pain with an ACT-Based program delivered via a smartphone app.


Kirkland, WA (February 21, 2018) – 2Morrow announces the release of a behavioral program targeting the 50 million Americans who live with Chronic Pain. Delivered via the 2Morrow Health’s Digital Therapeutic Platform, the program is based on an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) approach that has proven effective for supporting chronic pain sufferers in over a dozen randomized control trials.

People living with persistent pain suffer greater disability, report a lower quality of life, and use more healthcare services than their pain-free counterparts. This results in a cost of over $600B to the US economy: more than cancer, heart disease or diabetes. And, with the current opioid crisis, the CDC has updated their recommendations for chronic pain treatment to include non-opioid medications, physical therapy/activity, and behavioral therapy. 2Morrow’s program offers healthcare professionals an easy, effective way to deliver the missing behavioral piece of recommended chronic pain treatment. Patients access the program via the privacy and convenience of their smartphone.

The program was developed in collaboration with Dr. Kevin Vowles from the University of New Mexico, a respected behavioral scientist who studies and treats patients with chronic pain. The development and funding of a clinical trial (in progress at UNM) was supported by a grant from the Washington State Life Sciences Discovery Fund (LSDF).

“The American Psychological Association’s Society of Clinical Psychology has given its highest rating of Strong Research Support for the clinical use of ACT with chronic pain patients” says Dr. Vowles. “2Morrow’s approach is exciting because it has the potential to extend access to people who would not otherwise have access to these behavioral concepts and skills.”

2Morrow’s program teaches people better coping skills so that they can focus more energy on their lives rather than their pain. Expected outcomes include an increase in valued activity and quality of life as well as reduction in pain-related anxiety, pain-related medical visits, and number of classes of prescribed analgesics. The program can be used to support a non-opioid treatment plan for many sufferers.

“Based on the success of our smoking cessation program, the market has asked for more programs targeting chronic conditions,” explains Jo Masterson, COO of 2Morrow. “We looked at the existing science around ACT and realized there was a huge opportunity to reduce suffering and meet a market need with Chronic Pain.” Masterson reports that 2Morrow is also working on a companion addiction module.

About 2Morrow: 2Morrow offers a digital therapeutic platform that delivers research-based programs addressing health risk behaviors and chronic conditions including smoking, weight, stress, and chronic pain. 2Morrow distributes programs through health plans, states, wellness platforms, employers, and other population health organizations. For more information about 2Morrow and the new Chronic Pain Program visit:  @2MorrowInc  @2MorrowHealth

Launch Offer:  The first 200 people can get free access the the Chronic Pain program by signing up here.  

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