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2Morrow Launches 2Morrow Health – Clinically-Tested Digital Health

Kirkland, WA (October 25, 2017) –  2Morrow, known for evidence-based digital health, announces the launch of “2Morrow Health.” This platform builds on the success of 2Morrow’s SmartQuit smoking cessation app and offers research-based programs for multiple behaviors including smoking, weight and stress.

Using a third-wave behavioral science approach called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), the programs teach participants new ways to deal with the unhelpful thoughts, feelings and urges that keep them stuck in old patterns. The nonjudgmental approach, first developed at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, has already helped thousands of people quit smoking and make other desired behavioral changes. Two clinical trials have been completed and additional studies are in progress at Fred Hutch and Madigan Army Medical Center.

“Our clients are actively looking for better ways to address the exploding health costs resulting from unhealthy behaviors.  They started asking for other programs “like SmartQuit” including weight and stress,” Brandon Masterson, CEO at 2Morrow.  To meet this need, 2Morrow created a new platform that delivers multiple programs in one app. “Smoking cessation (SmartQuit) now joins other programs in the 2Morrow Health platform.”

2Morrow Health is a suite of research-based, behavior modification programs delivered via a smartphone app.  The program is offered through wellness programs, employers, health plans and public health. 2Morrow Health includes an enterprise dashboard and api integrations for clients and an easy to use app for participants. Learn more at


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