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SmartQuitTM - Smoking Cessation

A proven ACT-based approach to helping smokers quit.

SmartQuitTM is an evidence-based smoking cessation program that is 3 times more effective than trying to quit on your own and can be used with or without nicotine replacement therapy. The program is delivered via a Smartphone app, so it is private, easy to use and always within reach.

How does it work? SmartQuit is an ACT-based approach to quitting smoking that is quite different from other programs. Smokers create a plan that defines what really matters to them. They are then asked to become very aware of their urges to smoke. Lastly they learn new ways to think about those urges so that they can notice (and accept) the urge to smoke, without acting on them. SmartQuit is delivered completely over the smartphone which is attractive to 4 out of 5 smokers who say they prefer the privacy and convenience of an app based program over telephone coaching.

Proven Effective Created by Jonathan Bricker, PhD from Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center, SmartQuit is the first smoking cessation app that has been scientifically proven to help smokers quit.*

Get SmartQuit! Download the FREE light version. Upgrade to the full program ($50) for 6 month access.

Business Use Interested in offering SmartQuit as part of your wellness or benefits program? contact us.

SmartQuit was chosen for a Washington Life Sciences Discovery Fund Grant (www.lsdfa.org) to help pilot the program with Washington smokers. 2Morrow is currently seeking pilot clients who are interested in offering SmartQuit to their population.

*Links to more info, data and research:
- The Research behind SmartQuit
- Study Results:Randomized control trial by Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center
- Smoking & Tobacco Use Fact Sheet: CDC
- SmartQuit Facebook Page

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